Ten Gigabit Adelaide will enable businesses and organisations to connect to a dedicated fibre-optic network, providing access to a range of cloud-based services and phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds that are virtually unachievable with traditional internet services.

The transformational network will unleash a wide range of new possibilities for businesses and organisations, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced with traditional internet services.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is specifically designed for businesses and organisations located in the City of Adelaide, giving City and North Adelaide based businesses a distinct competitive advantage. This in turn will help to retain and attract new businesses to the City of Adelaide, create jobs, drive innovation and investment, and generate huge economic, social and financial returns for the City and the local community. 

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG as the ‘Official Network Provider’ to implement the first and most visible element of Ten Gigabit Adelaide: the delivery and installation of a fibre optic network across the City of Adelaide, 10Gbps data transfer capability and a range of high-performance services for the business community.

Who is it for?

Ten Gigabit Adelaide will be available to businesses throughout the CBD and along the main commercial strips in North Adelaide. It will generate significant economic, social and financial benefits for businesses, residents and the wider community.  

How does it work?

TPG will install the fibre optic network via ducts and pits in the ground and will run the fibre optic cable direct to individual buildings.

A connection point will be installed in each building.


Unique fibre extensions will be made for each business customer within the connected buildings, providing a direct access point to a symmetrical 10Gbps transmission link. Businesses will be able to purchase a service, or several services, via the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network access point. Large businesses can choose to have multiple access points, with the comfort of knowing each one is independent and will provide secure, reliable and symmetrical 10Gbps performance.

When will it be ready?

TPG will begin to progressively rollout the network from early 2018.

How much will it cost?  

There will be no charge for the installation of a Ten Gigabit Adelaide access point in buildings – this is being provided free of charge by the City of Adelaide and TPG.

The price for accessing the individual services will be considerably less than what is currently on offer in the market, resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses and organisations. 

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